ABOUT BELLE SUCRE BAKERY::: Belle Sucre Bakery officially opened its doors on October 5, 2012 on
the Westside of El Paso, Texas. Chef Jonathan Bowden and his team of skilled pastry cooks and bakers work together to bring El Paso uniquely high quality baked goods similar to what you would find on
the streets of New York City and Paris. Stop in today and try one of our many pastries and breads. Bakery hours are Tuesday -Friday 7:00am-6:00pm & Saturday from 8:00am-6:00pm.
Closed Sunday & Monday.

ABOUT JONATHAN BOWDEN ::: Jonathan has been baking since he was 15 years old. He has completed two years of high school vocational training in culinary arts, earned a degree in baking and pastry from the Culinary Institute of America and become certified as an Executive Pastry Chef by the American Culinary Federation. During his time as Pastry Chef of The Greenery, the El Paso Times Best of the Border voted his desserts as #1 in 2006 and 2007. Coming from a military family he has spent the majority of his life in El Paso and now his own family calls El Paso home. Pastries are Jonathan’s greatest passion and it is his desire to share them with the city he loves.

MAKING IT FROM SCRATCH ::: At Belle Sucre we strive to make each and every item we sell completely from scratch. In fact you will never buy a product at Belle Sucre that we did not have a hand in making. We feel that the use of traditional methods with the incorporation of modern technology can result in wonderfully delicious and beautiful pastries. At Belle Sucre everything is made with the hands of a skilled pastry cook who cares about every detail of what they do. This is how we can guarantee the very highest quality in everything we make. Although it may take a great deal of time to make all our pastries by-hand we like to be able to say “Thank you” when a customer compliments what we’ve sold them.

FRESH TASTES BETTER ::: When you come into our shop you will never have to guess if our products are fresh. You will never buy a croissant that is a day old or a cookie that was baked last week. Our pride in what we make doesn’t end when we put our products on display and we will never sell a product that is sub-par in quality because it did not sell the day before.

FLAVOR FROM THE SOURCE ::: We never allow any artificial flavorings in any product we sell and whenever at all possible we avoid the use of extracts altogether and go straight to the source for flavor. This means that if you buy a lemon meringue cake it is flavored only with fresh, natural lemon juice and zest. It makes for a difference you can taste and a difference you can feel good about.

LET’S KEEP THE TALENT IN EP ::: We believe that the passing along of knowledge is integral to keeping culinary tradition alive. At Belle Sucre we aim to offer individuals who are seeking a career in the field of Baking and Pastry an environment in which they can actively learn and put to use a tremendous variety of both classical and modern methods and techniques. We hope that we can someday supply talented and passionate pastry cooks ample opportunity to work and learn the very best of what this field offers without having to leave El Paso.

WE NEVER STOP LEARNING ::: Being a Pastry Chef requires a commitment to a lifetime of learning. We promise to never rest on our laurels and work everyday to become better at what we do in order to make a better product for each of our customers.